JumpData are a data and analytics consultancy based in London, UK


JumpData developed a proprietary tool for analysing survey data. It allows customers to quickly understand what drives customer satisfaction. They wanted to give access to their customers to the tool without sharing the code behind it. The solution was hosting the tool as a Python app on Google Cloud using the serverless platform Cloud Run. In this way JumpData pay only for the compute time when the tool is used reducing their cloud bill significantly.

The Issue

The main challenge for them was how to make the KeyDriver tool available to users while minimize hosting costs. KeyDriver tool is used intermittently because most of their customers would access it only when they have survey data to process. The rest of the time the server was idle. The other requirement was to put the tool behind a paywall and give access only to authenticated and authorized users.

Our Solution

Techccino partnered with JumpData on this project and helped them to host the tool on Google Cloud using the serverless platform Cloud Run. The main advantage of this approach is that Cloud Run costs only when customers are accessing the tool. Then we used Firebase which is tried and tested solution from Google which integrates well with Google Cloud and provides user authentication for apps. Offloading the authentication process to Google gave the client peace of mind because of the guarantees Firebase provides for security.

The Result

The final result was hosting KeyDriver for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional server hosting. The authentication system was quickly built in order to protect the tool from unauthorised access. It took us just 4 weeks to set up a working demo of the hosted app.


“Technicco succeeded in moving an offline statistical analysis tool into an easy-to-use online one. They, moreover, added clean data visualisations which vastly improved the previous output of our tool. Finally, their innovative log-in solution solved a long standing problem of ours.”

Paul Brown / Director at JumpData