We offer robust and scalable solutions for web apps and combine them with UIs and data visualizations.

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Web Development & Apps

  • Web UI: modern web apps built with React allowing for maximum interactivity
  • Prevent unauthorised access: Adopt ready-made solutions for authentication from established cloud providers. Let your customers sign-up with their own password and email or for instance their Google and Microsoft accounts.
  • Secure: Automatic encryption certificates (TLS) for your domain
  • Payments: accept payments and subscriptions with PayPal or Stripe
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Cloud Solutions

  • Scale on Demand: Scale up and down your system automatically based on demand and serve from zero to 1,000s of customers.
  • Low running costs: Pay only for utilised resources. In particular, the low cost of hosting serverless apps makes it easy to prototype and deploy multiple versions at the same time.
  • Integrate multiple services: Adopting microservice architecture means the freedom to solve any problems with the best languages and packages for the job. Third-party integrations like machine learning services and databases are easy to connect to as well.
  • Modular design: Microservices are modular systems which can be extended easily to accommodate changing requirements. Separating logic into different services means it is also easy to work on only parts of the system without affecting the rest.
  • Secure:  security guarantees for the underlying infrastructure
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Data Visualization

  • communicate findings and convince your audience
  • reveal trends and “tell stories with data”
  • help users to detect errors and spot outliers

Start with the right questions:

  • Who are the target audience?
  • What are their aims and jobs to be done?
  • How will the visualisations be used, e.g. print, presentations, online?
  • What are the context, company branding and jargon, external benchmarks, etc.?
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Data Analytics

Data is at the core of all modern enterprises.  We partner with JumpData, London, on projects which require BI, data wrangling and analytics, leveraging  20 years of experience in the field.

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