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Fore Play Crazy Golf


Fore Play Crazy Golf found it challenging as they grew to produce quickly and reliably reports based on multiple data systems. We started their digital transformation with a in-depth analysis of the data various systems produced and the corresponding business processes.  Hence, we built a data integration and automation system using cloud computing. The system can comfortably scale depending on their needs now and in the future. Now the customer can create multiple BI reports with Google Data Studio. The process ensured data integrity and reliability.


An international recruitment consultancy


A recruitment consultancy wanted to simplify and streamline their monthly commission calculations, and provide their consultants with detailed monthly reports about their work. We built for them a simple but bespoke system with a web interface to aggregate, manage and report on data from their various systems, saving senior management time and efforts. The secret to this digital-transformation project was working closely with the customer and focusing on business outcomes through process automation.


What Our Clinets Say About Us

“The team were outstanding from start to finish. They provided us with an excellent end product with detailed (and clear) guidance on how to use it. A big thumbs-up from us!”

“Techccino succeeded in moving an offline statistical analysis tool into an easy-to-use online one. They, moreover, added clean data visualisations which vastly improved the previous output of our tool. Finally, their innovative log-in solution solved a long standing problem of ours.”

“I imagine the change we have experienced as a company growing from nothing to an SME is not at all uncommon. But, as with many businesses, we made the all-too obvious mistake of sticking with systems and processes we created in the early days and knew well despite their many flaws. Investing the time, money and effort into an unknown quantity just didn’t seem worth the time we were – and always are – much too short of. The team at Techccino and Jump Data immediately recognised the problems and quickly designed and implemented a variety of tailored solutions that I just didn’t believe would be possible with the budget I had available. The solutions I now have to hand have dramatically improved all aspects of the data management and processing inherent in running a business, given my employees the depth and breadth of data they badly needed and, most importantly, removed me from being part of the problem!”

About Techccino

Techccino is a software consultancy based in London, UK. We help SMEs simplify and automate their digital processes through bespoke apps. We can assist start-ups design and deploy cloud-based microservices. We also help clients solve thorny issues with data visualisation.

Dr Nik Vaklev

Founder of Techccino

Nik is the founder of Techccino and a professional software developer of enterprise solutions. He has a PhD in experimental physics from Imperial College London. Nik worked as a consultant guiding customers through digital transformations at Concentra Analytics and also as a data visualisation expert for data analytics. In 2018, he founded Techccino Ltd and in 2019, he started working on bespoke business applications.

Dr Paul Brown

Head of Data Science

On any data issues we work with Paul. He is a former Statistics Manager at Which? and has worked as their chief external statistical consultant for over ten years. He has a PhD in pure mathematics. With more than 20 years experience in the field, he has developed numerous statistical methodologies, algorithms and applications for the various companies he has worked for, many of which are still being used regularly today.

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