Fore Play Crazy Golf are an operator in the hospitality industry based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


BI reporting is a must for all business. Fore Play Crazy Golf found it challenging as they grew to produce quickly and reliably reports based on multiple data systems like booking, till sales, accounting and so on. The solution was to integrate them all using a cloud-based solution into a single database and produce multiple BI reports with Google Data Studio. The process ensured data integrity and reliability.

The Issue

Our client wanted to automate the construction of their operations, revenue, and marketing dashboards. Their existing dashboards were constructed via Google Data Studio and Google Sheets, with the data being manually entered on a weekly basis. Hence, they would spend considerable time and efforts producing manually reports for internal and external stakeholders. The aim was to replace their existing processes with an automatic system using appropriate APIs from multiple third-party software.

Our Solution

Techccino in partnership with JumpData used various APIs to automatically pull the required data, clean it, construct the appropriate metrics, then upload these to a MySQL database held in Google Cloud. We then constructed the required dashboards pointing at this database. We developed the system so it runs smoothly with limited user intervention on a daily basis.

The Result

The whole process allowed the client to track their various KPIs successfully over all of their sites. User-intervention was only required for a few data-points where the third-party APIs did not allow the type of reporting required. In summary we produced
  • automated and reliable reporting free from human errors
  • ownership of historical data produced by different systems
  • custom KPIs based off data streams from different systems
  • custom reports suited to the specific business needs


“The team were outstanding from start to finish. They provided us with an excellent end product with detailed (and clear) guidance on how to use it. A big thumbs-up from us!”

Craig Neilson / Chief Ball Collector